Lincoln Arts Institute & Moksha Center

Mindfulness Meditation

October 19 (Tuesday)
at 6:30 pm

Class length
45 minutes

Moksha Center

Practice accepting your thoughts, emotions, and the world around you without judgment in order to benefit your mental and physical wellbeing.  You will learn about mindfulness, meditation and how to tap into a space for more clarity, peace and awareness.  

Each week we will have a new topic to focus on to achieve your desired goal.  The sessions will start with setting intentions, then I will guide you on a mindfulness meditation and finish with journaling,  reflection and discussion.  The series is 6 weeks to allow for a deepening and transformative effect.  

Mindfulness Benefits:
- helps ease anxiety and depression
- reduces stress
- improves focus and efficiency
- improves sleep
- improves quality of relationships
- helps us feel happy and more fulfilled
- improves physical health
-makes you more self-compassionate
- makes you less biased and more objective

Meditation Benefits:
- reduces stress
 -controls anxiety
 - promotes emotional health
 - enhances self-awareness
 -lengthens attention span
- can generate kindness
 -improves sleep
- helps control pain
- can decrease blood pressure
- can be done anywhere

Wear comfortable clothing and bring any props that you want to use; meditation pillow, blankets or yoga mat. We will have chairs if that is more comfortable for you.  Bring a notepad or journal.  Hot tea and filtered water available.

All classes can be purchases online or cash / check in person.
You can sign up for the series of 6 weeks for discount -$54 or drop in for individual classes - $10 each.

You are worth taking the time for yourself and your health and wellbeing.💛


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